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make Biped FK Keyframes

by on Jan.13, 2011, under 3ds Max

Biped uses a weird nomenclature for IK/FK. Another evening I was helping a friend from Mystic that needed all biped keyframes in FK. This is just a quickie script to collapse/bake/plot biped to make them from “planted” (IK) to “free” (FK).

fn makeBipedFK = 
    for o in objects where (classof o == Biped_Object) do
        for i=1 to o.controller.keys.count do
            k = biped.getKey o.controller i
            if (isproperty k "ikBlend") then
                k.ikBlend = 0
                k.ikSpace = 0
                k.ikAnkleTension = 0
                k.ikJoinedPivot = false

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